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How the Set for the Water Scenes in Titanic Was Created

This year marks the 20th year since the release of Titanic. It is one of the most iconic movies ever and even the new generation can still relate to it. Celine Dion has also performed the iconic theme song during the American Billboard Awards earlier this year.

There are a lot of reasons why this movie remains one of the most iconic films ever. To begin with, it has harvested several Oscar awards along with other major award-giving bodies that year. It also paved the way for the bump of Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet’s careers.

Aside from the fact that the movie was based on a true to life story of a ship that sunk several years ago, it was also done in such a cinematic and creative way. All the scenes were carefully thought of. Watching the movie will make you feel excited, happy, sad, and a mixture of other emotions.

Perhaps, the movie made a huge mark when it effectively showed the sinking of the Titanic. Those scenes were totally breathtaking. The acting prowess of the main characters deserves commendation. The visual effects was also outstanding. Considering the fact that it was created two decades ago, the portrayal and effects were really great.

Behind the scenes

We have only witnessed a cinematic miracle when the movie hit the big screen. However, there was too much drama behind the film that we never witnessed. To begin with, there were a lot of fights regarding the budget. For a movie of this scale, a huge budget was required. James Cameron also had in mind what kind of movie he wanted to get from the entire story. Therefore, he also made demands so his vision becomes a reality.

The scenes involving water were the most difficult and expensive. The team really had to work hard just to get this part done. The head of physical production was even sent to Mexico where a gigantic water tank was built over a 24-acre piece of land. 10,000 tons of dynamite was also required to blow a hole that was large enough in order to build the tank and over 1,500 construction workers were there to create the vessel. The ship that was built for the creation of the film was just as huge as the actual ship that sank.

Cameron was really ambitious with this plan. He wanted everything to look as close to reality as possible. He already had issues with the producers since he has already blown the budget off. From the original plan of $130 million as the budget for the film, it soared to over $200. You can only imagine the kind of fights that took place behind the scenes as the amount has grown to this big.

There were also production delays as the vessel took a long time to finish. As the movie’s production was delayed, the amount also continued to grow. Even Cameron’s temper grew due to the delay and everyone knew exactly what a monster he becomes if he is angry.

Eventually, the vessel was finished and they were able to find a way to create the scenes involving lots of water. They might have even used water softener at some point since they had to ensure the safety of the actors involved. This is additional expense, but they were willing to spend more at that point considering what they have already spent. Speaking of water softener, if you are interested, you can check out Best Spy.

A major success

After all the dramas and behind the scenes fighting, the movie was done. It was also a huge success. Until now, it is one of the highest grossing films if inflation is adjusted. It raked over $2 billion- way more than what they have spent for production. It also amassed major awards.

This only tells us that there are things in life that are worth gambling. Cameron did it for Titanic and he made the right choice. Despite everything that has gone through, he did not give up. He knew right from the start what he wanted from this movie and he made his vision a reality. We can only be grateful for enjoying this timeless movie until now.

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