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Are Kids’ Car Seats Allowed inside a Movie House?

You want to give your kids the comfort they deserve when watching a movie. Sometimes, the seats provided are not comfortable enough for them. They are too big for them to sit comfortably. They are also prevented from seeing clearly what is shown on the screen.

This is why you are easily tempted to just bring their car seats so they can sit there while watching the movie with you. Before doing so, take note that there are different rules in every movie house. There are places where you are allowed to bring the car seat for your kids provided that you stay only at certain rows so as to avoid disturbing other moviegoers. You must agree with this condition before you are allowed to bring the seat inside.

There are also movie houses that don’t allow you to bring the car seat for they already provide a perfect seat for your kids. This is better since you are accommodated based on you and your children’s needs. Sadly, not all movie houses provide the same privilege. You still need to search for the right movie house that makes movie viewing a lot easier and more comfortable for you.

Just ask for permission

If your kids insist on using a car seat while watching the movie or you feel like it is the best option, you can speak with someone, probably the management, to allow you to do it. For sure, you will be given the permission. Kids are too cute to resist. Besides, you are paying for your seat. You might even be asked to pay for the kids to be allowed to go inside. It won’t kill them to give you this special request.

Find the best car seat for your kids at Baby Gear Guide. Make sure it is comfortable for them. They should be able to easily move with the help of the said car seat. Otherwise, they would be a nightmare while you are watching the movie. If they are not comfortable and they end up crying, you have no choice but to just leave the place and watch the movie some other time.

Enjoy the moment

Once you have already made it inside the movie house and all of you are seated comfortably, you can now watch the movie and enjoy it from start to finish. You might not have this chance all the time since you are busy with a lot of things. This is also a way to strengthen your bond as a family.

Therefore, you should enjoy it. Don’t worry too much about the policy of the movie house. As long as you are enjoying and you are not disturbing other moviegoers, it is perfectly fine.

You won’t notice it but your kids would grow up really quickly. You have to enjoy this chance since they are still with you and you can bond this way. It does not hurt to give them what they want or even spoil them a little if it makes them happy.

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How the Set for the Water Scenes in Titanic Was Created

This year marks the 20th year since the release of Titanic. It is one of the most iconic movies ever and even the new generation can still relate to it. Celine Dion has also performed the iconic theme song during the American Billboard Awards earlier this year.

There are a lot of reasons why this movie remains one of the most iconic films ever. To begin with, it has harvested several Oscar awards along with other major award-giving bodies that year. It also paved the way for the bump of Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet’s careers.

Aside from the fact that the movie was based on a true to life story of a ship that sunk several years ago, it was also done in such a cinematic and creative way. All the scenes were carefully thought of. Watching the movie will make you feel excited, happy, sad, and a mixture of other emotions.

Perhaps, the movie made a huge mark when it effectively showed the sinking of the Titanic. Those scenes were totally breathtaking. The acting prowess of the main characters deserves commendation. The visual effects was also outstanding. Considering the fact that it was created two decades ago, the portrayal and effects were really great.

Behind the scenes

We have only witnessed a cinematic miracle when the movie hit the big screen. However, there was too much drama behind the film that we never witnessed. To begin with, there were a lot of fights regarding the budget. For a movie of this scale, a huge budget was required. James Cameron also had in mind what kind of movie he wanted to get from the entire story. Therefore, he also made demands so his vision becomes a reality.

The scenes involving water were the most difficult and expensive. The team really had to work hard just to get this part done. The head of physical production was even sent to Mexico where a gigantic water tank was built over a 24-acre piece of land. 10,000 tons of dynamite was also required to blow a hole that was large enough in order to build the tank and over 1,500 construction workers were there to create the vessel. The ship that was built for the creation of the film was just as huge as the actual ship that sank.

Cameron was really ambitious with this plan. He wanted everything to look as close to reality as possible. He already had issues with the producers since he has already blown the budget off. From the original plan of $130 million as the budget for the film, it soared to over $200. You can only imagine the kind of fights that took place behind the scenes as the amount has grown to this big.

There were also production delays as the vessel took a long time to finish. As the movie’s production was delayed, the amount also continued to grow. Even Cameron’s temper grew due to the delay and everyone knew exactly what a monster he becomes if he is angry.

Eventually, the vessel was finished and they were able to find a way to create the scenes involving lots of water. They might have even used water softener at some point since they had to ensure the safety of the actors involved. This is additional expense, but they were willing to spend more at that point considering what they have already spent. Speaking of water softener, if you are interested, you can check out Best Spy.

A major success

After all the dramas and behind the scenes fighting, the movie was done. It was also a huge success. Until now, it is one of the highest grossing films if inflation is adjusted. It raked over $2 billion- way more than what they have spent for production. It also amassed major awards.

This only tells us that there are things in life that are worth gambling. Cameron did it for Titanic and he made the right choice. Despite everything that has gone through, he did not give up. He knew right from the start what he wanted from this movie and he made his vision a reality. We can only be grateful for enjoying this timeless movie until now.

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Will Documentaries Ever Make It Big in Cinemas?

There are quite a lot of standards in determining what movies make it to the big screen. This is why you can’t expect a movie to be shown in your local cinemas even if it has already been released. The main factor is money.

No cinema house owner would show a film that doesn’t rake money. Take note that the operating cost of movie houses is quite high. They also have to pay for the license to show the movie. This is why most of the time only mainstream movies make it to the big screen. Add to that the fact that in some movie houses, they only have 2 to 3 screens. It means that there are only 2 to 3 movies that can be shown at a time.

There are movie houses that might experiment on showing independent films and documentaries. However, as soon as they realise that they are not making money out of it, they might decide to pull them out and replace them with a more popular film.

This is the reason why it is quite a challenge for documentary filmmakers seeing their creations up on the big screen. They are lucky enough if people even hear about it. Usually, they end up showing what they have done in digital platforms. This is quite unfortunate since these filmmakers also need money in order to keep making films in the future. Even if documentaries are usually not as expensive as mainstream movies, they still have to pay the people working for the film.

A few exemptions

There were documentaries that were lucky enough to have made it huge on the big screen. For instance, former Vice President Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth raked millions of dollars despite being a low budget documentary. Of course, it involved a huge personality plus a very controversial issue.

Oscar nominations could also put a documentary up on the big screen. This year’s O.J. Made in America has also made quite a lot of money after winning the award at the Oscars. Other short films were also able to make big screen debuts because of their nominations.

The only problem is that it doesn’t happen all the time. There are a lot of great documentaries released every now and then but they rarely get noticed. You can even find the best evolution documentary online. You won’t know they exist up until someone tells you just how great the documentaries are.

The sad reality

For now, we have to contend with this sad reality. Documentaries will almost never make it on the big screen. The film industry is still about money. It also has something to do with the behaviour of people going to the big screen. Huge budget animated films and superhero movies rake billions of dollars while documentaries, no matter how great, end up with huge debts instead of income. This can only change with the change in the attitude of viewers towards documentaries when shown on the big screen. They definitely need our support.

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Must Have Items for Your Home Cinema

Turning your living room into a movie house is now possible with appliances that you can buy at a reasonable price. Besides, they are for a long term investment. Instead of heading to the cinemas to watch the movies on the big screen, you already have a big screen at home. Here are some of the must have items for a complete cinematic experience.


The world was taken over by LED TV’s in the 2000’s. However, even those TV’s are now a thing of the past. For better movie viewing, buy an OLED TV. It is brighter and the colors really pop. The TV is also very thin and some of them have a curved shape, for better viewing angles. The key is to buy one with a bigger screen. This matches the actual experience of watching the movie in an actual cinema. Rest assured, there are budget-friendly huge TV’s.

2. Home projector

If you can’t invest on a massive TV set, buy a home projector instead. It can project the images on the wall. Adjusting the size is also easy. Be careful in choosing the right projector to ensure that the images will be smooth and will work well even if the room is not completely dark. Higher quality projectors come with a huge price though. Compare the cost with that of an OLED TV and decide which one is better.

3. Surround sound system

The quality of the images of the screen won’t matter if you don’t have quality surround sound system. You might have to seek help in installing the sound system as it can be a bit complicated. It is also costlier, but who cares? You want a complete experience and quality sounds will give you exactly the same experience as the big screen. Choose appliances that are powerful and project a detailed profile, but won’t blow your budget up.

4. Universal remote control

Considering the number of home appliances involved in setting up a home cinema, you might have 7 different remote controls to learn. Get rid of it by buying a universal controller. It allows you to control all the appliances in just one device. There’s no need to get angry each time you can’t open the TV or turn the volume up. It is also possible to connect all devices to your iPad. Controlling them from your mobile device is also now possible.

5. Movie posters

To make the place look even more spectacular, buy some old movie posters. You can redecorate the place using these posters for a more cinematic vibe. Choose posters of movies that are your sentimental favorites.

6. Stadium seats

Buy the exact same seats that you see in cinemas. Let go of the couch or other ordinary chairs. You have already invested a lot on the appliances, why don’t you splurge even more? Besides, these seats are of great quality. You are assured that they will last for a long time. Install some LED lighting on the floor too if you really want to copy the exact environment in a movie house.

7. Popcorn machine and soda bar

Since you are already copying the actual movie experience, go all out by buying a popcorn machine and soda bar system which are perfectforhome use. It allows you to get fresh popcorn before watching the movie and to customize your own soda. It will surely impress your guests even more.

8. Voice controls

This could be the best investment of all, but won’t let you spend that much. Installing a voice control system lets you control everything by just saying a word. You can turn the TV on, play your favorite movie instantly or dim the lights without leaving your seat. It also helps save energy since you can easily turn everything off in one go. Given how advance technology is today, it is possible to not just use voice controls for your home cinema, but for the entire house.

There are a lot of ways to make your home movie experience memorable. Investing in appliances that are meant to make things better for you is a good start. If you are really on a tight budget, search for cheaper alternatives. As long as quality is not sacrificed, go for it. Don’t worry about the overall cost though. You are using these appliances for a long time.

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Opening Weekend Seem To Start On A High Note

It seems the hitherto love-hate relationship between the director and his audience might take a turn for the better. His recent horror flick “Split” has earned M. Night Shyamalan critical approval. With the opening weekend grossing $40.2 million and many theatres observing a very mixed demographic attending the shows, movie experts say that this psychological thriller is a movie for all audiences. The movie follows the story of James McAvoy playing Kevin Crumb, who has 24 different personalities and not all of them are nice. When the more malevolent characters start to control his actions, he sets off on a path of destruction to rid the world of the undeserving.

With a loyal fan base, domestic distribution experts believe that the movie will do well in theatres in the coming weeks. Viewers are forced to remember why M. Night Shyamalan is the master of plot twists. Following the success of Split closely is Vin Diesel’s “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”. With $20 million in revenue on the opening weekend at more than 3600 locations, the movie is heading for a very respectable second-place. The movie stars Diesel in his reprising role as Xander Cage, a skilled government maverick. The film has old character and new gracing the screen including stars Samuel L. Jackson, Deepika Padukone, Donnie Yen, Tony Jaa, Kris Wu, Ruby Rose and Nina Dobrev.

“Hidden Figures”, Fox’s historical drama, retained its delightful performance into third place revenue-wise, grossing $16.3 million. The multi-ethnic backgrounds of the cast proved to be a major selling point for the movie. The animation “Sing” sat in fourth with $9 million, “La La Land” finished with$8.4 million at a close fifth. Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” generated very little traction with the audience with the religious drama grossing just $1.2 million. The movie “Silence” has silently grossed $5.2 million in the past month.

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The End Of 3D Era

Yes, you heard it right. The 3D era will get stopped as the technology is growing and has come up with a promise that soon the use of 3D glasses will stop. So what will happen? Will all the 3D films be stopped? Or will no one make a 3D film? The answer is technology has come up with something that 3D glasses will soon be your past. CSAIL with the help of Institute of Science, Israel has come up with display technology that there will not be any additional hardware people need to wear for watching 3D movies.

Named as ‘Cinema 3D’, this technology works encodes the barriers in such a way that the views will see a parallel barrier which will be tailored according to their position. This will be replicated with the help of lenses and mirrors across the theater. The Institute says that this can be done only if the viewer seated at a limited distance from the movie screen. The project is still work in progress. For the complete view of the 3D movie, a combination of 50 lens and mirrors should be used to get the 3D effect. If all goes well, the technology will soon give you a 3D experience without wearing glass.

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Carrie Fisher Dies At 60 After Heart Attack

Many people called 2016 “the year of dead celebrities”. With the end of the year so close, it seemed as if we would be spared the loss of another beloved actor. For a while, it looked like we were about to make it, but then the clincher came. After being hospitalized for suffering from a heart attack on a UK to LA flight on Christmas Eve, actress Carrie Fisher of Star Wars’ Princess Leia fame was state to be in a critical yet stable condition. However, tragedy struck after the day after Christmas, when the actress suddenly passed away, with daughter, Billie Lourd, confirming the news. The actress was 60 when she died.

Carrie Fisher was born in 1956, as the daughter of a singer and an actress. It became apparent from an early age that she was born to act, despite being bookish. She debuted in the Hal Ashby film, Shampoo, when she was 17. Fisher never finished high school because of her acting career but was slated to join Sarah Lawrence College in 1978 when the casting call for Star Wars placed her in the role of Princess Leia Organa. She played the female rebel twice in the saga, and recently returned as a high ranking General in The Force Awakens.

While Leia placed her in the public eye, it was not the only role she played. From movies Postcards From The Edge, which she herself later adapted for screenplay, Wishful Drinking and The Princess Diarist which has just hit the shelves, Carrie Fisher was a woman of many talents. Her life was as bold and colourful as her personality with her romantic partners including co-stars and other artists. Though she was known to disappear once in awhile from public eye, her battles with drugs, alcoholism and bipolar disorder were not things she shied away from talking about. The world loved her beautiful personality and will forever miss her mark in the film industry.

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Political Thriller Of 2016 – Miss Sloane

The 2016 political thriller, Miss Sloane has been appreciated by many critics for the performance done by Jessica Chastain. The story has shown what was going around at the time of release, i.e., the presidential election of 2016. Miss Sloane is a story of a powerful lady who is a lobbyist and does anything to win every case. For Miss Sloane, winning is the most important thing in life. Miss Sloane had made winning a habit that, Sloane do not want to even think about failure. Because of the type of work and the nature towards the colleagues, Miss Sloane has only a few people who can be called as friends. Miss Sloane takes up a case which never gave a hint to Miss Sloane, that it is going to change the current life.

The actor who is playing the role of Miss Sloane, that it Jessica Chastain has done the role perfectly. A good amount of appreciation should also be given for the rest of the cast without whom the film is incomplete. Actors like Sam Waterson and Mark Strong along with John Lithgow has showcased a brilliant performance that the film’s material got lifted to great heights. Gugu Mbatha-Raw deserves a special mention as she rocked the screen space as a worthy screen partner. The film was successful in showing the lobbying without creating an issue. In the complete movie, the one criticism Miss Sloane has faced was the pacing. Also, the movie has made sure that while showing the life events, they are not hurting anybody’s feeling. In a whole this political thriller was successful in showing what is happening around us and for the efforts put in by Jessica Chastin as Miss Sloane, everyone can expect an award for the performance Jessica Chastin has shown on the big screen.

A Must –Watch – Hell Or High Water

Hell or High water is a 2016 super hit movie which has got a lot of appreciation from the client. The story of the movie was the backbone which was Taylor Sheridan’s creation. The story revolves around Toby acted by Chris Pine, and Tanner Howard played by Ben Foster as brothers. Since they are in need of money, they decide that the only way to earn is to rob banks in West Texas. Soon the law notices the robbery but does not give much importance as the amount robbed is always below $40000. The FBI gives the case to two Texas Rangers. They start investing in the case while the brothers continue to rob the banks. When the officers are about to catch them, a robbery leads to violence. The plan and intentions of the robbers will make you awestruck.

The complete movie makes you feel good. The director and the actors have made it sure to make this play perfectly that in many scenes, you will be able to see how the director have given importance to small things as well. Hell or High water represents a modern world which is full of frustration and injustice. The director has portrayed the old western traits beautifully in a modern world. While watching this serious film, you will come to know that the actors not only look serious, but also they have given scenes to crack jokes so that the film does not look that serious. This film is based on family, death, and vengeance. The star of the show was Ben Foster who mesmerized the crowd with the acting skills. The makeup used in the movie is also commendable. In this summer, if you want to watch a movie which is worth the money you spend, the first preference should go to Hell or High Water.