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Legend Of Tarzan – A Movie Of Mixed Feelings

Fictional character’s action adventure movies have always thrilled the people. Tarzan is one among that character who have a huge fan following. The Legend of Tarzan released in 2016 has been added to the list of Tarzan movies which had the most viewed tag. The director of the movie had put in every emotion on place whether it be romance, fight or bold scenes. The movie starts when Tarzan with wife Jane is residing in the city of London. They return to the forest to that tribesman whom they consider as family. The movie shows that the villain has gone to Congo as advised by King Leopold to get the precious diamonds from the chief. Instead of the diamonds, the villain Rom promises that Tarzan will be given in return. The movie looks fantastic as the director has given importance to every detail. From the scenes that shot in London and that scenic beauty of Africa. No wonder that the movie will be a visual treat.

The story is given more importance to the fight between Tarzan and the villains that people do not get to see the romance between Jane and Tarzan. More of scenes of Jane and Tarzan were expected by the people. Comic scenes have also been reduced to a level that you can watch the movie only in a serious mode. Sometimes the movie will give you the feeling that the director should have put in some more perfection in the movie. The stampede scene will surely give you a laugh. All the actors have presented highly skilled acting, which the duty of the director to make it perfect. Altogether, the movie was good however it could have been made better if attention were given to each and every scene. Apart from some scenes, the movie was entertaining.

How Can Movie Theatres Help Cinema?

Now a day, people prefers to see movies at home rather than the big screen. If a graph should be taken of the people who visited the theaters last year and this year, you can see that the numbers have come down drastically. The reason behind avoiding the theater are numerous. Technology has also got a big hand it pulling the crowd back from theaters. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus which gives the comfort as they are a convenient, easy and cheap way to watch a movie. What the theaters can do to attract a crowd is to give the digital experience to the viewers which is not available in home theaters. People do search for highly designed theaters.

Trying different kinds of the seat is another experiment which the theaters can do to get viewers. Seats which can be tilted and can be rotated will get the viewers attracted as they will get the comfort of their home. Some theaters give the feeling of being at home as they provide the opportunity of having food with the families and spend a quality time in the theater. If a theater sticks to its rule, people prefer to go that theaters again and again happily.